AM: “God’s Help in Life Makes Life Better”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 5

  1. Fearing God helps you truly be a worshipper not a fool     Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
    1. Watch your behavior, words and ambitions before the Holy God of eternity
    2. Watch yourself when you come to worship the Holy God of eternity
      1. Worshipping the only true God is a serious matter
      2. God takes worship seriously & so should we
      3. Only a fool would not be serious about worship     Psalm 14:1; 53:1;  Proverbs 3:35; 10:8; 14:3; 15:2, 7, 24;  16:21,23;  18:15
  2. God sees everything perfectly & knows our hearts    Ecclesiastes 5:8-11
    1. He sees oppression & will judge it
    2. He sees everyone the same in their need
    3. He sees the true love of our hearts  better than we do
    4. He sees the emptiness or blessing of progress perfectly
  3. Living life according to God’s wisdom is best    Ecclesiastes 5:12-17
    1. Working hard can help you to sleep well
    2. Work to achieve & meet needs not just hoard material things
    3. Work for a purpose greater than your own personal gain
  4. Live your life as the gift from God that it is    Ecclesiastes 5:18-20
    1. Enjoy your life while you live it
    2. Enjoy the gift of life that God has given to you
    3. Enjoy the memories of your life while you are making them.
  • Action  Points:
    • How are you truly worshipping God with the life He has given to you?
    • What do you think is God’s perspective of how you are living the life He has given to you?
    • What evidence do you see in your life that you are living it according to God’s wisdom?
    • How well are you enjoying the life God has given to you?