PM: “God Makes Our Common Life Satisfying”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 6

  1. There are disappointments for everyone in this life    Ecclesiastes 6:1,2
    1. There are many things in this life that are common to all people
    2. Achievements are less satisfying when we do not get to enjoy them    Ecclesiastes 5:13-16;  Jude 1:3
    3. Our successes that only benefit another is not as gratifying    Ecclesiastes 5:19-20
  2. A long difficult life is not as good as a short & blessed life    Ecclesiastes 6:3-6
    1. Having children is joyful, but having them live life wells adds to that joy     Proverbs 17:21, 25;  10:1;  15:20;  III John 1:4
    2. Living a long life is most wonderful when it can be enjoyed     Psalm 91:14-16;  Provers 3:1-2;  Psalm 34:11-15;  I Peter 3:10-12;  Ephesians 6:1-3
    3. Long & short lives all end up entering eternity eventually
  3. The greatest satisfaction is in doing the will of God    Ecclesiastes 6:7-12
    1. If we desire the wrong things, we are never satisfied
    2. Sometimes getting ahead in life doesn’t get you ahead
    3. Only God knows what the future holds for us all
  • Action Points:
    • How are you letting God help you with the disappointments in your life?
    • How are you letting the blessings of God help with the difficulties in your life?
    • How are you seeing that you are doing the will of God for your life so you can enjoy the greatest satisfaction in your life as you live it?