AM: “Being Steadfast in delivering the Gospel to the unsaved”

Missionary appointee Keith Morris

Text: I Corinthians 15:58;  Acts 26:1-29

  1. Paul’s progression in delivering the Gospel    V.19,20
    1. Faithful response
    2. Far reaching effort
  2. Paul faced persecution     V. 21, 22
  3. Paul faces persecution      V.22,23
    1. The Lord chose him
  4. Paul’s passion in telling the Gospel     V.24
    1. Passion for defending God’s Word    V. 24
    2. Passion over the unsaved     V. 29
    3. Passion over the government
    4. Passion over the leaders

As Paul was faithful, he found help to share the Gospel, and the Lord assisted him.

This is a great story of a Steadfast Person