AM: “Faithfulness is Essential to Always Abounding”

Text: Luke 19:11-27

  • Introduction:
    • Steadfastness = Unmovable (ness)
    • Unmovable (ness) = Abounding continually
    • Abounding continually = fulfilling the Lord’s will for my life
  1. We have a job to do  VS 11-13  “Occupy til I come”
    1. We are Christ’s servants
      1. He is Saviour, Sovereign and Supreme
    2. We are here to serve Him
    3. We are His subjects here on earth
  2. We have an accountability to give  VS 14-15
    1. When life on earth is over
    2. When our opportunities on earth are finished
    3. When our time of accountability is come
  3. Being faithful is essential for both (doing our job and being accountable)   VS 16-27
    1. Faithfully obeying the Lord’s office          Salvation
    2. Faithfully obeying our Lord’s Will             Sanctification
    3. Faithfully letting our Lord work in us       Surrender
  • Action Points:
    • Are you striving to be faithful to the Lord in your life so you can fulfill His Will?
    • Are you abounding continually in the work the Lord has given you to do with Him?
    • Are you preparing for your accountability to the Lord with faithfulness to the Lord?