AM: “Being Steadfast Enables us to be Unmovable”

Text: Colossians 1:21-24

Also Read Verses 15-29

    1. What we all are before faith in Christ  V. 21
      1. Set apart from God
      2. Set at opposition to God
      3. Set in bondage to our sinfulness
    2. What the believer is because of faith in Christ  V. 21b -23
      1. We are reconciled to God   Romans 5:8-12
      2. We are in Christ through death
      3. We are made righteous by His righteousness
        1. Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:5,6
    3. What all believers need to be by faith in Christ   V. 23
      1. Continuing in their faith
      2. Becoming steadfast in their faith
      3. Remaining unmovable in their faith
    • Do I know for sure there has been a time of change from my natural condition?
    • Do I know the time when I was reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ?
    • What am I doing to become more steadfast and unmovable in my faith?