PM: “Steadfast in Faith Causes us to be Unmovable in our Mission”

Text: Colossians 1:24-29


  1. Even in the face of ___________  V. 24
    1. Bringing the ____________ to people may require suffering
    2. Our suffering can _____________ compare to what Christ has already suffered
  2. Because we are ________________ of Christ and His Gospel  V. 25 – 27
    1. We are His ministers with the ministry of His _____________  II Cor 5:17-21
    2. We are His ministers for such a ____________ as this
    3. We hold the _______________ of God to be ________ to others  V. 26-27
  3. But His mission for our lives requires ________________ from our lives  V 28-29
    1. God communicates His mission with ___________________   V. 28, 29A
    2. God has an __________________ of action for His children
    3. God must work IN us before He can work __________________ us  V. 29B

Action Points:

  • What have you ever suffered for the cause of Christ?
  • How are you fulfilling God’s mission for your life?
  • Choose a verse talked about in this passage for your mission and write a plan for how you intend to act upon it obediently