Church Planter to LIbby, Montana Daniel Grover preaches from Joshua 1:1-8

  • Introduction:   Moses – a great man; friend of God; Spiritual Leader
      • Joshua chosen to succeed Moses
  • Be Strong: seize the promises of God’s Word; live a life of victory
  • Be of Good Courage: establish, fortify & prevail

Why be strong?

  1. To have Spiritual Victory
  2. In following the Word of God
    1. Living an uncompromised life  Verse 7
      1. Diligently obeying the Word of God
      2. It must always be in our hearts & minds
        1. Talk about it constantly.  Psalm 104:34;  Philippians 4:8
      3. Living a life of obeying the Word of God  Verse 8;  Isaiah 1:19
  3. Because God is always with us
    1. Now is the time to be strong and of Good Courage     Deuteronomy 31:6
  • God requires us to be strong and of good courage.
  • Believe His Word & act on it.
  • Will we be strong and of good courage?