Join us as Brother Daniel Grover, Church Planter to Libby, Montana preaches.

TEXT:  LUKE 9:23,24,57-62; 10:1.2

  • Challenge:
    • Are we disciples of Jesus Christ?
    • Do others identify us as disciples of Jesus Christ?

The Cost of Discipleship:

  1. The Cost     Luke 9:23
    1. Come after (pursue) Him personally
    2. Deny self (self will)  –  Daily serve Him & Follow Him
    3. Gain Eternity  Luke 9:24
  2. Requires:
    1. Faith  Luke 9:57,58
    2. Urgency     Luke 9:59,60
    3. Total Commitment   Luke 9:61,62; 10:1
  • Get on the train with God.  If we don’t, God will still accomplish His Will without us.  We will miss out.
  • PRAY for workers and then while praying, we will realize what we can do for the Lord.

Will I (you) be one of the 3 (in chapter 9) or one of the 70 (in chapter 10)?