TEXT:  JOHN 2:13-22

  1. Jesus’ ministry on earth began much like it ended.  John 2:13-17
    1. Both were in Jerusalem at the Passover
      1. He went for Passover both times
        1. He was the fulfillment of what Passover meant
          1. Deliverance from death
          2. Deliverance from bondage
          3. Deliverance into God’s promised life
      2. He went to Jerusalem intentionally both times
      3. He went to have an impact on the manmade religion of the Jews
    2. Both had a scourge being used for cleansing.  Isaiah 53:3-6
    3. Both were fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies
      1. The cleansing of the Temple was a fulfillment of prophecy
      2. He came to be the Lamb of God to pay for and take away the sins of man
      3. He also declared a prophecy about His own resurrection
  2. Jesus was declaring the ending at the beginning.  John 2:18-21
    1. He was declaring His purpose in coming to earth
    2. He was proclaiming His death in His physical body
    3. He was prophesying His resurrection from the dead
    4. He was confusing the religious lost with the truth of God.
  3. Jesus was declaring truth to those who believed.  John 2:22
    1. God always fulfills HIs promises
    2. God’s Word is always true
    3. God’s Scriptures are trustworthy
    4. God the Son is the Living Word of God.