Moving Forward

I am thankful for the Lord’s clear direction in the hearts of His people. I am also thankful for the faith of God’s people to trust Him to be able to do for us what only He can make possible. As Jesus said when He was here on this earth and recorded for us in Matthew 19:26, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” It is also the declaration that the angel said to Mary about her becoming pregnant with Messiah when she still had never been with a man intimately as recorded in Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” The vote on both items was not unanimous, however it was definitely the vast majority of those who were available in the morning and evening services to take part in the vote. I appreciate each one who truly sought the Lord for His direction in their heart. I also respect and appreciate each person’s view and vote either way. I have listened to each person who has asked me questions and tried to answer them to the best of my ability. I have also listened to each person who has come to me with their concerns about this project. Seeking God to cast your vote is the first step, but now we have to seek Him in the doing of it. We will have to give sacrificially over the next few years, and we will have to pray for God to bless us to give as well as for Him to work beyond our own resources to bring in funds from other places. Be in prayer with me as we pursue different grants and to watch God work in ways that we cannot even imagine in the days ahead. One of the things that we need to pray for and strive for, as always, is unity in His church. No building or event or personality is worth disunity and disharmony in the Lord’s church. The person that matters most in a biblical church is to be the Lord, not any other person or personality. We need to continue to seek Him for His direction. We need to continue to let Him be in control of His church here in this place. We need to be His tool for Him to work in to accomplish His will in His church to His glory in this place. I am praying that our regular giving in tithes will not go lower to give to the building fund, nor do we want our missions giving to suffer for the building. We want to trust God to bless us and we need to be faithful with His added blessings and use them as He intends them to be used for His glory. As we seek the Lord for His provision in order to begin building, we also must keep doing the work of the ministry God has given to us right now. We need to continue being faithful to the worship of the Lord and the study of His Word. We need to keep making progress on reaching out to the lost with the Gospel and inviting those we know into His house. We need to continue making ourselves available to the Lord to grow us spiritually as He continues to build His church in this place as He builds in our lives. We welcome John & Alice Keel whom the Lord added to our church family last Sunday night, and we are thankful for the blessing they have already been to us. We look forward to moving ahead with the ordination of Pastor Wes in the month of May after his graduation from West Coast Baptist College with His Master’s of Ministry degree.