All Glory to God

Mankind was originally created for God’s glory and, for a time in the beginning, God was glorified fully by man and by all of creation. However, that did not last very long at all. Somewhere early in creation, sin began to challenge the glory of God. It started in Heaven with Lucifer and a third of the created ministering spirits known as angels. Lucifer wanted to be like God and to be the object of the adoration and worship of others. And since sin is not allowed to dwell in Heaven with God and since angels are created beings by the Creator God, Lucifer had to leave Heaven and he could not resist the power of God. Lucifer had deceived a third of God’s ministering spirits to join with him in his insurrection, and they had to leave Heaven in their original estate as well. Today, we still see Lucifer, known as Satan, and his demons who once were God’s angels, are still trying to draw the attention of worship off of God by mankind who are created in God’s image. They are still trying to bring destruction and corruption in God’s creation to hinder God being glorified by what He has created. Not long after Satan was cast out of Heaven we see Satan entering the garden of Eden and he deceived Even into disobeying God’s Word and following her own desire that had been manipulated and exploited by Satan’s temptation and twisting of God’s Word. Satan tricked Eve into thinking that disobeying and dishonoring God would bring her a special satisfaction that God was maliciously keeping from her. He told her that doing what he said would help her to become a god herself. Satan’s tactics have not changed very much all of these thousands of years later. He is still telling people that if they follow his ways instead of God’s ways they can become gods, become like God, and become fulfilled by pleasures in ways that God is trying to keep from them. He deceives them and perverts what God has truly said and exploits people’s natural desires and feelings into disobeying and dishonoring God, and then in the end they realize that Satan was lying all along. But God who is always good and completely benevolent has made a way for us who have sinned against our Creator forgiven and to be made right with Him again. He sent His only begotten Son to pay the debt of our sins in His sacrifice on the cross, and He offers us eternal life with Him through faith in the resurrected Saviour. All of the evil in the world and corruption in creation can truly be credited to Satan for originating and making possible. But all of the good on earth and all the beauty in creation can truly be credited to God. All that is good that comes out of us as creatures created in the image of our Creator is due to how God created us, how He works in us, and the redemption that He has provided to us by faith in His Son. Truly, all glory does belong to God. But Satan is still trying to steal that glory for himself. Who are you glorifying?