God’s Will

The Bible helps us to know and do God’s will. In our individual lives and as a church body, God’s Word is essential for knowing God’s will. God’s will for living never violates or contradicts His written Word. God would not want any of His children or His churches to do anything that would go against what He has clearly stated for us in the record of His Word. So, if we as people or as a church are going to be successful at bringing God glory in obeying and doing His will, then we must be faithful learners of His Word. God’s Word helps us to know God personally and accurately, because He reveals Himself for Himself in His Word. The more we know God and His character, the more we will know what He desires for us as His children and for His church. The more accurately we know what He wants, the more accurately we can do what He desires in obedience to His will. The more we know Him, the more effective our prayers will be in accordance with His will expressed in His Word. The more we know His will for our lives as His children and His will for His church we are part of, then the more we can effectively prepare ourselves for our accountability to Him at the Judgment Seat of Christ. There is so much of God’s will that is clearly stated generally for us all in the Bible, which will keep us plenty busy if we will only discipline ourselves to do it. Thankfully, God has given us His Holy Spirit to indwell us, so He can help guide us in His specific will for our individual lives. However, I know from personal experience, that the Holy Spirit often uses our time in the Scripture to direct us in God’s specific will for our individual lives. Even when my family and I were praying about God’s will for our lives in moving to Oregon to become part of the ministry here at Summerville Baptist Church, the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to my heart as I was doing my regular Bible reading in my personal worship out of the Old Testament to help me make my final decision on this being God’s will for our lives. God will guide us in His specific will for our lives if we are following His general will and seeking Him for direction in the details of our lives.