WED: “Waiting for the Lord’s Mercy in Prayer”

Text:  Psalm 130:1-8

  1. Desperate times require desperate prayer     Psalm 130:1-2
    1. He was deeply discouraged emotionally
    2. He was desperately in need of help
    3. He was depending on the Lord for his help
  2. Desperate conditions require God’s provision    Psalm 130:3-4
    1. We are all in the condition of lost in sin
    2. We are all in the condition of being separated from God
    3. We are all in the condition of needing God’s forgiveness of our sins
    4. We are all in the condition of owing God our everything:  “that thou mayest be feared”
  3. Desperate needs require desperate measures    Psalm 130:5-6
    1. Waiting on the Lord
      1. Sole dependence on the Lord
      2. Soul dependence on the Lord
      3. Full dependence on the Lord
    2. Trusting in the Lord
    3. Waiting up for the Lord
  4. Desperate needs require genuine faith in the Lord    Psalm 130:7-8
    1. We decide who and what we trust in
      1. Faith gives us hope
      2. Trust gives us hope
      3. Truth gives us hope
      4. The Lord & His Word give us reason to believe
      5. Trusting in the Lord & His Word gives us real hope that is eternal
    2. We must trust in the Lord to receive mercy from the Lord
    3. Mercy from the Lord offers us redemption of our trouble
      1. The trouble of our sin debt being paid for in full
      2. The trouble of our sin’s destruction being eternally remedied
      3. The trouble of sin done to us building a benefit in us     Romans 8:28-29