AM: “Being Rooted in Christ & His Word Causes Faithfulness”

Text:  II Timothy 1:1-18

  • Introduction:  Be all you can be     II Timothy 1:1-2
    • Being who you are in Christ
    • Becoming who you can be by the will of God
    • Living the life promised to all who believe in Jesus Christ
    • Be the dearly beloved influence on others God wants you to be
  1. We must utilize the gift of God we have been given     II Timothy 1:3-6
    1. The gift of a pure relationship with God in Christ
    2. The gift of a pure conscience before God in Christ
    3. The gift of a pure prayer access to God in Christ
    4. The gift of a pure love for one another in Christ
    5. The gift of a pure faith in Christ & His Word     Romans 10:17;  James 1:5-8;  Romans 4:19-22
    6. The gift of a pure ability to serve God in Christ
  2. We must benefit from the spirit we have in Christ     II Timothy 1:7
    1. Not a spirit of fear
    2. But the Holy Spirit
    3. But a renewed spirit     Ephesians 4:22-32
  3. We must never be ashamed of being in Christ     II Timothy 1:8-12
    1. Never be ashamed of being a follower of Christ
    2. Never be ashamed to testify for Christ
    3. Never be ashamed of suffering for Christ
  4. We must hold onto what we have been given     II Timothy 1:13-14
    1. The faithful Word of God
    2. Our faith in the true God
    3. Our hope in the love of God in Christ
    4. What has been committed to us with the Holy Ghost
      1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
      2. The Kingdom of God in hearts
      3. Being ambassadors of the Lord on earth
      4. Being God’s tools to accomplish His Will on earth
      5. To prepare people to meet the Lord when He returns
  5. We must know what is true     II Timothy 1:15-18
    1. Not all people will believe     Matthew 7:13-14
    2. Not all professing believers are true believers     II Thessalonians 2:1-3
    3. Not all believers will be faithful
    4. Not all believers will fall away
    5. What we all need in order to be personally faithful
      1. We need to be granted God’s mercy
      2. We need to be faithful to the Lord
      3. We need to be a blessing to God’s people
      4. We need to be a help to God’s servants