PM: We All Must Realize We Need Jesus”

Text:  Luke 8:40-50

  • Introduction:
    • Jesus had returned to the people
    • Jesus was received by the people
    • Jesus had readied people waiting for Him.
  1. She was desperate to touch Jesus     Luke 8:41-44
    1. She had been sick for twelve years
    2. She had been to many doctors over twelve years
    3. She had spent her money going to doctors over twelve years
    4. She had become hopeless, but now she had hope that Jesus could heal her
  2. She was determined to touch Jesus     Luke 8:45-47
    1. She did not let the disappointments of the past keep her from turning to Jesus
      1. She had to be discouraged, but she did not let that stop her from seeking Jesus
      2. She perhaps had become despondent, but was not giving up on trusting Jesus     Psalm 42:5,11;  43:5
      3. She may have even been in despair, but she believed Jesus could help her
    2. She did not let her own personal limitations keep her from trusting Jesus
    3. She did not let the hindrance of the crowd keep her from Jesus
    4. She did not let the difficulty of the press of others keep her from Jesus
  3. She was delivered by touching Jesus     Luke 8:48-50
    1. She reached out to Jesus in faith
    2. She touched Jesus in faith
    3. She received healing from Jesus by faith
  • Action Points:
    • What are you putting ahead of God in trying to solve your problems?
    • What are you turning to for help before God?
    • How do you see yourself as being desperate for the Lord?
    • How are others seeing you display being desperate for the Lord?