AM: “Three Lost Things!”

Text:  Luke 15:1-24

Missionary Appointee to Australia Matt Cook

Three Lost Things!

This series of parables is a summary of Jesus’ focus during His earthly ministry

  1. The Lost Sheep     Luke 15:1-7
    1. The Shepherd left the 99 to search for the 1.  Isaiah 53:6;  Psalm 119:176;  Psalm 100;  Ezekiel 34:1-6
    2. This was a 1% loss
  2. The Lost Coin     Luke 15:8-10
    1. The woman searched diligently for the lost coin
    2. This was a 10% loss
  3. The Lost Son     Luke 15:11-32
    1. The father was looking for his son
    2. The father pursued his son
    3. We must pursue sinners to bring them to repentance
    4. Luke 15:24  “My son!”
    5. This was a 100% loss
  4.  All the “losses” were recovered!
  5.  Jesus shows us the purpose of His ministry.  Therefore, our purpose here on earth is to share the Gospel with the lost.
  • Action Point:
    • Lord, give us a passion for those who are without You.