WED: “The Fear of the Lord Causes Us to Show Honor”


  1. Honor your Creator in how He created you    Leviticus 19:28
    1. By not sinning against Him
    2. By appreciating how He made you
    3. By using your body & life for His Will     1 Corinthians 6:15-20
  2. Honor your daughter as a blessing from God    Leviticus 19:29
    1. Honor her by honoring her mother & other women
    2. Honor her by providing for her – Spiritually; Emotionally & Materially
    3. Honor her by valuing her – NEVER taking advantage of her or abusing her or neglecting her
  3. Honor your elders with respect & deference    Leviticus 19:30-32
    1. Honor the Lord in corporate worship on His day
    2. Honor the Lord in not honoring satan in any way
    3. Honor the Lord in obeying His Will regarding elders
  4. Honor your fellow man by not taking advantage of them    Leviticus 19:33-37
    1. Being kind to others, not mean & hateful
    2. Being loving to others as God commands us
      1. Treat strangers like family
      2. Treat others as we want to be treated     Luke 6:27-36
      3. Treat others with respect
    3. Being honest & ethical in your dealings with others    Leviticus 19:35-36
      1. Don’t make unrighteous decisions against others
      2. Don’t take advantage of others by deceptive means
      3. Don’t do anything unjustly to others     Micah 6:8
    4. Honor God by living honorably    Leviticus 19:37
      1. Obeying His Word
      2. Doing His Will
      3. Submitting to Him
        1. AS:  the only true God
        2. AS:  your God personally
        3. AS:  your Lord in serving Him