TEXT:  JOSHUA 2 and 6

Introduction:  Joshua 2:1;  Hebrews 11:30-31;  Matthew 1:1,5,6

  1. It began with God’s people truly trusting God     Joshua 2:1-3
    1. The people of God had been at this place before     Numbers 13
    2. The people of God limited the blessing of God by their lack of faith
    3. The people of God had a new opportunity to trust God
  2. It began by a woman listening to the truth of God    Joshua 2:4-14
    1. She acted according to what she believed based on the Word of God
    2. She believed in God based on the message she heard about God
    3. She was changed by believing what she heard of the truth of God
  3. It continued by her obedience to what she believed about God    Joshua 2:15-24
    1. She acted in obedience by helping the children of God
    2. She acted in obedience by obeying what she was given to do
    3. She acted in obedience & she was delivered by God     Joshua 6:22-27
  4. It extended by her continuing to live by faith in what she learned about God     Hebrews 11:30-31
    1. Rahab continued to follow the true God she trusted in
    2. Rahab continued to worship the true Creator God of eternity
    3. Rahab continued to unite with the people of the true God according to His Word     Matthew 1:5-6
  • Action Points:
    • What messages of information are you allowing yourself to be influenced by?
    • What messages of information are shaping what you believe to be true?
    • What messages of information do you need to remove to help you believe God more?
    • What evidence of action are you seeing in your life that shows you what you truly believe about God?