Due to technical difficulties, there is no video of this evening’s service.  Please study the notes below.

TEXT:  ACTS 9:19-31

  • Introduction:  Acts 9:31
    • Why we focus on the local churches
    • Why we focus on fellowship around truth
    • Why we focus on biblical living
    • Why we focus on the reality of the Holy Spirit
  1. Saul is radically changed by Jesus     Acts 9:19-22
    1. He is now fellowshipping with followers of Jesus
    2. He is now preaching Christ with the followers of Christ
    3. He is now amazing people with the change Jesus has made in him
    4. He is now convincing Jews that Jesus is Messiah
  2. Saul is being protected from the Jews by the Christians     Acts 9:23-25
    1. The Jews were supporting Saul against the Christians
    2. Now the Jews are seeking to kill Saul because he is a Christian
    3. The Christians are now helping Saul escape from the Jews
  3. Saul is accepted by believers with Barnabas’ help     Acts 9:26-31
    1. At first the believers did not trust Saul to be truly born again
    2. Barnabas reached out to Saul to bring him into the fellowship
    3. The believers again are rescuing Saul from threats on his life