TEXT:  Acts 8:26-40

A Biblical Study of Believer’s Baptism
I. The Biblical timing of Believer’s Baptism vss. 26-35
A. After the lost person is targeted by the Holy Spirit vss. 26-28
B. After the lost person is confronted with the truth of the Gospel vss. 29-31
C. After the lost person hears the message of Jesus Christ vss. 32-35

II. The Biblical requirements for Believer’s Baptism vss. 36-40
A. A saved candidate
1. Faith in Christ “if thou believest”
2. Faith from the heart “with all thine heart”
3. Faith declared clearly “I believe”
About our sinfulness & About our Saviour

4. Faith based on the Bible truth of Salvation vs. 35;   Acts 16:30-34, Ephesians 1:12-14

B. A biblical church
1. God’s gives the authority of Biblical Baptism
To John the Baptist
To the Lord’s church Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 6:5-7, 8:4-6

2. God’s Church is authenticated by Biblical Doctrine Jude 3-4

C. A clear communication vss. 38-39a
1. The death of Christ
2. The burial of Christ
3. The resurrection of Christ
4. The only mode of Baptism that clearly communicates the Gospel

III. The results of obeying God’s Word in Believer’s Baptism vss. 36-40
A. God continuing to use you to His glory vs. 39; “the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip”
B. God giving us joy and rejoicing in obeying His will vs. 39
C. God blessing you more as His faithful servant vs. 40