Wed: “David’s Prayer of Adoration to God”

Text:  Psalm 8:1-9

  1. He declares the greatness of his God     Psalm 8:1,3,9
    1. The excellence of God as Lord over all the earth
    2. The majesty of God’s name in all the earth
    3. The greatness of the Creator is greater than His creation
    4. He declares the glory of The Creator above His creation
  2. He declares God’s greatness over mankind     Psalm 8:2,4
    1. His strength is superior to his enemies
    2. His strength can stop his enemies
    3. His strength is available for mankind
  3. He declares God’s goodness unto mankind     Psalm 8:5-9
    1. God made man lower than angels, but treasures him
    2. God gave man dominion over His creation
    3. God is worthy of special praise and adoration from mankind