AM: “Letting God’s Word prepare you for life”

Note: We expect this video to be available at 1:30 pm, Sunday, July 5, 2020.     Thank you for your patience.

Text:  II Timothy 3:10-17

  • Introduction:  A person of God
    • Paul is writing to Timothy about being the “man of God.”
    • Paul is writing as a man of God, to a man of God, about being a man of God
    • Paul is explaining to each child of God the things that are necessary to be the person God wants His children to be for His glory in this life.
  1. Let God’s Word direct you in your life   II Timothy 3:10-12
    1. God’s Word directs you in what to believe 
    2. God’s Word directs how you live life
    3. God’s Word directs why you live life as you do
      1. Glorifying God in all things
      2. Trusting God in hard things
      3. Being faithful to God’s will in everything
  2. Let God’s Will be done in your life     II Timothy 3:11-12
    1. By obeying God’s Will for your life
    2. By patiently enduring suffering in God’s Will     I Peter 3:8-17; I Peter 4:12-19
    3. Trusting God to deliver or sustain you in suffering     I Corinthians 13:13-14
  3. Let God and His Word enable you to do God’s Will God’s Way     II Timothy 3:13-17
    1. Resisting Satan’s efforts to distract and deceive you     Proverbs 26:19;  I Kings 13:1-34;  James 4:7
    2. Following the right influences on your life
    3. Walking with the Lord in His Word
    4. Being fully equipped for His Will in your life
      1. Profiting from it spiritually
      2. Maturing from it personally
      3. Equipping from it for ministry     Psalm 1:1; 32:2; 34:8; 65:4; 84:5,12; 94:12; 112:1   Proverbs 8:34; Isaiah 56:2;  Jeremiah 17:7;  Romans 8:4;  James 1:12