February 28, 2024     TEXT:  Psalm 23

  • Introduction: The Restoration of the Lord in our soul
    * Restore, refresh, renew, repair, rebuild,
    * The restoration of the Lord in our soul takes place in our lives at different times in different ways

I. When I received Him as my Shepherd (v. 1)
A. Entering into His sheepfold by Him as the door (John 10:9-15)
B. Becoming part of His flock by faith in Him (John 10:16-17)
C. Being born into His family by yielding to Him to save us.

II. When I enjoy Him leading me (vv. 2, 3b)
A. Leading me to rest in His provision.
B. Leading me to have His peace (Isaiah 26:3-4)
C. Leading me in His righteous paths.
D. Leading me in His name being praised.

III. When I experience His presence and provision (vv. 4-6a)
A. Him being with us.
B. Him comforting us.
C. Him preparing for our needs before our enemies.
D. Him healing us and sanctifying us.
E. Him blessing us to overflowing.
F. Him providing us goodness and mercy all the days of our lives unto eternity.

IV. When I dwell is His house now and forever (v. 6b)
A. Personally in His presence abiding before His throne.
B. Faithfully in His house for regular worship all the days of my life
C. Eternally in His Heaven before His throne physically (John 14:1-4)