WED: “Believers’ Prayer for Boldness”

Text:  Acts 4:19-37

  1. It takes courage to stand up for principles     Acts 4:19-22
    1. We need to be brave enough to suffer for what we believe
    2. We need to speak truth regardless of the personal cost to us
    3. We need to trust and obey God over man in living life
  2. God’s people should respond to difficulty with prayer     Acts 4:23-30
    1. They responded by gathering together with their church family
    2. They responded by sharing their burden with their church family
    3. They responded by praying together with their church family
  3. God responds powerfully to genuine prayers of His people     Acts 4:31-37
    1. God responded when they had prayed
      1. The power, 2. result & 3. impact of corporate prayer
    2. God continued to work as a result of corporate prayer
      1. God unified them  together more through their bearing burdens together
      2. God grew them in love for one another through their obedience together
      3. God worked through them to meet the needs of each other in love for one another
    3. God worked through individuals making up the assembly
      1. A church body is made up of parts
      2. A church family is made up of people doing their part
      3. A church body is individuals who join together in agreement about God’s truth
      4. A church body accomplishes ministry by individuals taking part in ministry