TEXT:  MATTHEW 3:13-17

Introduction:  Mark 1:9-11;  Luke 3:21-22;  John 1:29-34

  1. Jesus fulfilled the will of God for Him regardless of how hard
    1. It wasn’t easy     John 18:19; Acts 2:42; Jude 3
      1. The right manner
      2. The right mode
      3. The right message
      4. The right means
    2. It wasn’t convenient
    3. It wasn’t prestigious
  2. Jesus encouraged John to fulfill God’s Will     Matthew 3:14-15
    1. John did not feel worthy to baptize Jesus
    2. John did want to fulfill God’s righteousness
    3. John did obey the Will of God for his life
  3. Jesus received glory from God as His Messiah for obeying     Matthew 3:16-17
    1. Jesus did obey the will of God for His life with John’s obedience
    2. God’s Spirit anointed Jesus as the sent One from God
    3. God identified Jesus as His Son on earth