TEXT:  John 6:35-53

  1. We can only benefit from God’s everlasting life His Way    John 6:35-40
    1. We must come to Him in submission
    2. We must believe in Him and on Him for foregiveness
    3. We must respond to God’s work in our hearts
    4. We must be like Jesus in doing the Will of the Father
      1. Jesus submitted to the Father’s Will for Him as Saviour
      2. Jesus will not lose any that the Father saves & gives to Him
        1. Everyone that will listen to the Word of God
        2. Everyone that responds to the working of God in their heart
        3. Everyone that will look on Jesus for what He has done
        4. Everyone that will believe on Jesus for everlasting life  –  John 10:27-31; 17:12; 18:9; Col 3:3-4:  1 Peter 1:3-5; Jude 1
  2. Not everyone will accept the truth of Who Jesus is    John 6:41-44
    1. Some will not accept because of their religious deceptions
    2. Some will not accept because of their secular confusions
    3. Some will not accept because of their resistance to God
  3. Jesus is Who He is, no matter what anyone says    John 6:45-51
    1. He is exactly Who the prophets said He would be
    2. He is the only One who can give anyone everlasting life
    3. He is the True Bread from Heaven who gives eternal life
  • Action Points:
    • Are you confident that you have received God’s eternal life God’s way through God’s Son?
    • What can you do in your life to help ensure you are not confused or deceived about Jesus?
    • What more do you need to do in your life to make sure you are believing truth?