TEXT:  JOHN 6:22-35

  1. Spiritual things are never achieved by carnal means     John 6:22-27
    1. God is the source of all good things, so we need to thank Him
    2. Jesus did not need a boat to cross the sea of Galilee
    3. Carnal things are temporal, spiritual things are eternal
  2. The work of God is only achieved by faith in God    John 6:28-33
    1. Man’s religion is all about ‘doing’ to get right with God
    2. God’s plan is all about believing in Him to do HIs work
    3. Our carnality wants to see something to believe it
    4. The gift of life comes from God alone by faith alone
  3. The Bread of Life is only received by faith    John 6:34-35
    1. They declared they wanted the bread Jesus spoke of
    2. Jesus declared that He alone was the Bread of Life
    3. Jesus declared you receive Him for it by faith
  • Action Points;
    • How do you see yourself trying to achieve spiritual things through carnal means?
    • What work of God on earth do you need to trust Him to see done this week?
    • Are you sure you have received God’s Bread of Life by faith in Him for eternal life?