WED: “A Prayer of Thanks in Heaven”

Text:  Revelation 11:15-19

  1. The context of this prayer
    1. It is taking place in Heaven
      1. In my perspective this is after the rapture     Revelation 4;  I Thessalonians 4:13-18
      2. This is after the 7th trumpet is sounded in judgement
      3. This is after the 2nd of 3 “woes”
      4. This is befoe the return of Christ to rule & reign on the earth     Revelation 20
    2. It is in the preparation for Christ’s kingdom on earth
      1. The 2 witnesses are ministering on earth while this is happening in Heaven
        1. The 144,000 witnesses had already doing their work
      2. The antichrist is doing his deceptive work on earth while this is taking place
    3. It is in the presence of God & before His throne in worship to Him
      1. Who is worshiping?
      2. How are they worshiping?
      3. Who is being worshiped?
  2. The content of this prayer
    1. Giving thanks to the Lord God
    2. Giving thanks to the Almighty God
    3. Giving thanks to the eternal God
    4. Giving thanks to the sovereign God
  3. The consequence of this prayer
    1. Prayer taps into the power of God
    2. Prayer results in the work of God
    3. Prayer brings us closer to the presence of God