WED: “A Prayer of Contrite Repentance”

Text:  Psalm 51:1-19

  1. A contrite heart seeks mercy from God     Psalm 51:1
    1. Because of God’s lovingkindness
    2. Because of God’s mercies
      1. God’s mercies are tender
      2. God’s mercies are multiple
      3. God’s mercies are new daily     Lamentations 3:22-25
    3. Because of his transgression
  2. A contrite heart seeks cleansing from the Lord    Psalm 51:2-6
    1. He desires cleansing of his sins
    2. He declares his guilt of sinfulness
    3. He defines his sin against God foremost
    4. He determines to have cleansing where his sin problem resides
  3. A contrite heart seeds God to do what only He can do    Psalm 51:7-10
    1. His request from God
    2. His hope with God
    3. His need of God
  4. A contrite heart admits desperation for God    Psalm 51:11-15
    1. He is desperately dependent on God
    2. He is desperately in need of God
    3. He is desperately wanting God to use him
    4. He is desperately committed to God’s glory
  5. A contrite heart willingly agrees with God    Psalm 51:16-19
    1. He acknowledges what God has stated He desires for him
    2. He acknowledges what God has made clear about Himself
    3. He acknowledges his own compliance to what God wants