AM: “Where is Your Heart Being Rooted?”

The video will be available around 12:15 pm, Sunday, August 9, 2020.  Thank you for your patience.

Text: Jeremiah 17:1-14

  • Introduction:
    • Don’t seek alliances with those who dislike you!
    • Reality of disappointment when trusting people
    • Reality of blessings when we trust in the Lord
  1. Our life choices are a matter of the heart     Jeremiah 17:1-4, 9,10
    1. God wants to relate to us in hour heart     Deuteronomy 30:10;  II Kings 23:3;  II Chronicles 34:31
    2. Sin in our heart makes (change) (worship) impossible on our own
    3. God can change us through His work in our heart     II Corinthians 3:1-6
    4. We cannot trust our heart to two things at once     Matthew 6:19-24
    5. The effect of the trust of our heart will go beyond us  (to our children & grandchildren)
  2. We can choose to trust in man with our heart     Jeremiah 17:4-6, 10, 11  Romans 1:18-32
    1. We choose whom we trust with our heart
    2. When we begin to trust in man, we stop trusting in the Lord
    3. When we trust in man, we end up with the results of that decision     Haggai 1:6
  3. We can choose to trust in the Lord with our heart     Jeremiah 17:7,8; 12-14
    1. We can have hope and blessings by trusting in the Lord
    2. We can enjoy a more fruitful life by trusting in the Lord
    3. We can be comforted in the presence of the Lord by trusting HIm
    4. We can experience the provision of the Lord by trusting Him
    5. We can have a constant cause of praise by trusting in the Lord.

Ask the Lord to examine your heart, and ask Him to change you to trust in Him completely