TEXT:  i JOHN 2:24-29

  1. There are choices in life that we must make for ourselves     I John 2:24-25
    1. You must let something into you for it to abide in you
    2. You must hear something for it to remain in you
    3. You must begin something before you can continue in it
      1. You must have been given physical life to continue in living physical life
      2. You must have been given the Son to continue in the Son
      3. You must have been given eternal life to continue in eternal life   John 1:4,9,12-13;  I john 1:1-4; 5:10-13, 19-21
  2. God’s Word can help anyone who will let it help them   I John 2:26-27
    1. God has had His Word recorded for us to help us
      1. Help us to be strong in our faith in the Lord   Romans 10:17
      2. Help us to live life separated from the world    John 17:16-19
      3. Help us to be faithful to the Lord, not being seduced by deceivers   II Peter 3:14-18
    2. God has given His truth about Himself in His Word
    3. God has given His written Word to help us identify lies
      1. Faithfully abide in His presence as His blessed child
      2. Faithfully abide in His Will as HIs obedient child
      3. Faithfully abide in His worship as His honorable child
  3. God’s children can choose to live confidently obeying Him     I John 2:28-29
    1. To not be ashamed while we live on earth
    2. To not be ashamed when He comes to take us home
    3. To not be ashamed of the testimony we leave behind