AM: “We Need God to Work in This Last Time”

TEXT:  I John 2:18-23

  1. We are in the last time     I John 2:18-19
    1. It has been since the time of the early church     Luke 21:24-28
    2. There have been & still are antichrists     II Thessalonians 2:1-12
    3. There have always been people who are not truly born again     I John 2:19
      1. Know them by their fruit     Matthew 7:15-20
      2. I never knew you     Matthew 7:21-23
      3. The foundation of faith is evident     Matthew 7:24-27
  2. True believers have the truth in them     I John 2:20-21
    1. The truth of the Holy Spirit in them
    2. The truth of knowing truth in them
    3. The truth of knowing a lie is no part of truth
      1. Truth can be part of a lie
      2. A lie has no part in truth
  3. Who is truly an anti-christ?     I John 2:22-23
    1. All who deny that Jesus is the Christ
    2. All who deny the Godhead to be the true God
      1. The Godhead is the triune One true God
      2. The Godhead is the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit     Acts 17:29;  Romans 1:20;  Colossians 2:9;  I John 5:6-9
        1. God the Holy Spirit  “the anointing”
          1. Unction from the Holy One     I John 2:20;  John 15:26-27
          2. He abides in you and stays with you     I John 2:27;  John 7:39:  15:26;  Romans 8:2
          3. He teaches you all things     I John 2:27;  John 14:26-27;  16:13
      3. Not those who acknowledge the Son to have the Father     I John 2:23b