PM: “The Satisfaction of Living a Disciplined Life”


  1. Pleasures apart form God are empty     Ecclesiastes 2:1-3
    1. It is fleeting, not fulfilling             James 5:1-6
    2. It is temporary, not lasting          Luke 12:19-21
    3. It is destructive, not satisfying     Hebrews 11:24-26
  2. Achievements apart from God are less fulfilling    Ecclesiastes 2:4-11
    1. The achievements in our creativity
    2. The achievements in our productivity
    3. The achievements in our living of life
  3. The end of life apart from God is hopeless    Ecclesiastes 2:12-23
    1. What is left in life when you are finished living it
    2. Death is one thing every person has in common
    3. Life lived apart from God is eternally empty    Ecclesiastes 12:1;  Matthew 6:19-21
  4. There is no better life than living God’s will    Ecclesiastes 2:24-26
    1. God is the One that has given us our life
    2. God is what makes life better for us all
    3. God is the final judge of us all at the end of life
  • Action Points:
    • What change does God want you to make in your life to live closer with Him this week?
    • How do you need to live differently in the days ahead so eternity is more hopeful?
    • What does God want you to do differently, starting now, to better prepare for judgement day?