PM: “The churches I hope we will not be like”

TEXT:  Revelation 3:14-22

  • Introduction:
    • The church at Ephesus         Revelation 2:1-7
    • The church at Pergamos      Revelation 2:12-17
    • The church at Thyatira         Revelation 2:18-29
    • The church at Sardis             Revelation 3:1-6
  1. The church of the people instead of the Lord    Revelation 3:14-22
    1. The rights of the people over the truth of the Lord
    2. The message of the Lord to this church of the people
    3. The Word of the Lord to this church where He was not welcome
  2. The church that was revolting to the Saviour
  3. The church that was physically rich but spiritually poor & blind
    1. They were still loved by the Lord
    2. They were keeping the Lord on the outside
    3. They were invited to commune with the Lord
  4. The church that stands as an example to us all to heed