PM: “Thankfully Satisfied in God’s Loving Kindness”

Text:  Psalm 138:1-8

  1. Expressing our satisfied thankfulness for God     Psalm 138:1-3
    1. With whole-hearted praise in front of othes
    2. With biblical worship for His goodness to us
    3. With thankfulness for His many blessings
  2. Helping others enjoy being satisfied with God’s love     Psalm 138:4-5
    1. People need to hear the Word of God
    2. Leaders need to hear the Word of God
    3. People will praise the Lord if they hear His Word
  3. God’s perfectness produces our satisfied thankfulness     Psalm 138:6-8
    1. God is transcendent, yet He reaches down to help me
    2. God is above all troubles, yet He is willing to help me
    3. God is perfect, so He perfectly and faithfully helps me