AM: “Satisfied in the Love of the Lord”

Text:  Psalm 36:1-10

  • Introduction:
    • The beginning & the end of this passage speaks of the wicked
    • This passage leads up to chapter 37 about not fretting about the wickedness of the wicked
    • This refocuses on the greatness of God
  1. The excellency of God’s loving kindness draws us to trust in Him     Psalm 36:7
    1. It is why they can trust in Him     I John 3:1; 4:9; 4:19
    2. It is why they do trust in Him
  2. The blessing of God’s loving kindness draws us into His house     Psalm 36:8-9
    1. Abundantly satisfied in the blessing of His person     Psalm 16:5; 73:26; 119:57; 142:5
    2. Drinking at the river of His pleasures     Proverbs 10:22; Psalm 37:22-24; James 5:1-6
    3. Flowing fountain of life in His presence
    4. Seeing by the light of Him to see light more plainly
  3. The continuance of God’s loving kindness causes us to know Him more     Psalm 36:10
    1. It is available to them that know thee
    2. It will enable them to know Him more
    3. It will allow them to experience His righteousness more