PM: “Seeking the Lord by Waiting on Him”


I. The problem that needs to be solved vss. 21, 1-20

  1. What is he recalling from his past?
  1. What is he remembering that gives him hope?
  1. What is he being revived by from his previous experience with God?

II. The solution to every problem vss. 22-23

  1. The Lord’s mercies vs. 22a
  1. The Lord’s compassions vs. 22b
  1. The Lord’s faithfulness vs. 23

III. The solution must be received vss. 24-26

  1. The Lord must be our portion vs. 24a
  1. The Lord must be our hope vs. 24b
  1. The Lord must be our focus vs. 25
  1. The Lord must be our dependence vs. 26
  1. Both hope and wait for the Lord

>Hope Psalm 62:5, Proverbs 23:17-19

>Wait Psalm 46:10, 84:4, Mark 4:39

  1. Quietly trusting in the Lord
  1. For the salvation of the Lord

>The salvation that only comes in the Lord to those who call on Him

>The salvation that only comes from the Lord giving it to you

>The salvation that only comes by trusting in the Lord as Saviour

>The salvation that only comes by submitting to the Lord in your life