PM: “Nothing Better Than God’s Lovingkindness”

Text:  Psalm 63

  1. It is personally satisfying     Psalm 63:1-4
    1. Personally satisfying in relationship
      1. Personal priority; passion & pining
    2. Personally satisfying in worship
    3. Personally satisfying in praise
  2. It alone is soul satisfying    Psalm 63:5-8
    1. By His blessings producing praise
    2. By meditating on His goodness & greatness
    3. By rejoicing in His power & presence
  3. It alone is superior to the enemy    Psalm 63:9-11
    1. God’s lovingkindness is superior to people who oppose us
    2. God’s lovingkindness is superior to the attacks against us
    3. God’s lovingkindness is superior to the lies spoken by others
  • Action Points:
    • Are you enjoying the greatest thing in life?
    • Are you enjoying the greatness that is available to us in God’s lovingkindness?
    • How are you limiting yourself from the greatness of God’s lovingkindness?