WED: “A Prayer to Find a Needle in a Haystack”

Text:   Genesis 24

  1. Abraham trusted God to provide Isaac a wife             Genesis 24:1-8
    1. Abraham had been blessed by God and he was seeking another blessing
    2. Abraham commissioned his most trusted servant to find Isaac a wife      Genesis 24:2-8
    3. He gave him clear instructions
      1. He answered his questions
      2. He did not place unreasonable expectations on him
    4. Abraham was trusting God to use his servant & bless his mission
  2. Eliezer trusted God to help him honor Abraham            Genesis 24:9-50
    1. Eliezer began his mission immediately
      1. He responded to his master’s request immediately
      2. He departed on his mission immediately after preparing
      3. He sought the Lord immediately after arriving at his destination
    2. Eliezer prayed to God for help upon his arrival     Genesis 24:11-15
      1. He prayed to his master’s God
      2. He prayed for his master’s request to be blessed
      3. He prayed in the place he was told to go
      4. He prayed for clear direction on God’s provision
      5. He prayed, and God was already answering before he was done
    3. Eliezer saw God answer his request instantaneously      Genesis 24:15-50
      1. God worked immediately in response to the prayers offered up
      2. God worked specifically in response to the prayers being lifted up
      3. God worked clearly in response to the prayers of faith unto God
  3. Rebekah trusted God to use her in His plan     Genesis 24:51-61
    1. It was evident to her that God was at work in this
    2. It was clear to her that God was directing in this
    3. It was convincing enough for her to follow God’s leading
  4. Isaac trusted God to provide him the desire of his heart      Genesis 24:62-67
    1. Isaac was busy being the man God wanted him to be
    2. Isaac was waiting on God to provide His will for a wife
    3. Isaac was accepting of God’s gift to him and thankful for Rebekah