TEXT:  1 Samuel 17:29; Lamentations 1:12; 3:51

Eight Reasons to Plant New Churches in America:

  1. Because church planting is BIBLICAL and is all about preaching the gospel. 1 Corinthians 1:17, 18, 23; 3:6,7

  2. Because during the past decade, on average, 4,000 churches closed each year in the United States. _333 per month; 77 per week;  11 per day

  3. Because the church-to-population ratio has declined.

    • In 1920, _27____ churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.

    • In 1950, __17___ churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.

    • In 2020, _9____ churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.

  1. Because new churches GROW faster and reach MORE people!

    • “It is easier to give BIRTH than raise the DEAD_!”

  1. Because America’s POPULATION is expanding at a record rate.

    • The population of the United States INCREASED by 51,776,989 million people between 2000 and 2021.

  1. Because the “_WORLD_” has come to America.

    • America has become the “_MELTING pot” of the world!

    • 2 million Jews in New York City metro area

    • 140,000 Vietnamese in San Jose, CA

    • Hispanics – 18% of US population

    • 14 million Asians in US

    • 60,000 Filipinos in NY city, but California is the largest area!

    • 66,000 Hmong in Twin Cities Minnesota

  1. Because historically, Bible-believing churches in the United States have formed the greatest source of INTERNATIONAL  missions endeavors.

  2. Because America is a true MISSION field!

    • Only  8.9 % of America’s population attends an evangelical church each weekend.

    • Only_16.5 % of America’s population attends any “Christian” church each weekend.

    • By numbers, __AMERICA_______ is the 3rd largest mission field in the world.

Final Deduction: Church planting is NOT an option—it is an IMPERATIVE! Matt 16:13-19

The Gospel must go from the  CROSS, through the CHURCH, to the WORLD! Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8

The local Church is the spiritual __UMBILICAL________ cord to the world!

Every NT local church is to be __PASTOR_ led, _DEACON________ served, and CONGREGATION__ supported! Psalm 103:7

Attrition is defined as the action or process of gradually _REDUCING__ the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure.

Attrition in the pastorate has many causes, but the common denominator for pastors leaving the Northwest is _DISCOURAGEMENT!

If the local church does not have strong spiritual _LEADERSHIP, the Gospel will not go out!

If a member of the local church is overcome by discouragement, they can go to the _PASTOR________.

If the __PASTOR___ is overcome with discouragement to whom or where can they go to?

Galatians 6:2 Bear ye ONE ANOTHER’S burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. 

Two Facts We Must Face:

        1. There are some burdens that a person must bear _ALONE_______________.   Galatians 6:5 For every man shall bear his own burden. 
        1. There are some burdens that God never intended to _US TO CARRY by OURSELVES_.    Galatians 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the _HOUSEHOLD___ of faith.

God has called me to become a missionary to PASTORS and Church PLANTERS_.

In the Book of Acts we are introduced to a man that modeled this ministry for us! His name was  BARNABAS_ .

Barnabas was:

  • A _GOOD_ Man! “Son of Encouragement!”

  • A _GENEROUS__ Man! “Sold his land and gave it to the church!”

  • A _GIFTED_ Man! He had the gift to bring out the best in others!

  • A GRACIOUS__ Man! His specialty were men that no one else believed in! Saul and John Mark

This involves _COACHING___ and _MENTORING_ pastors and church planters.

My wife and I are __PARTNERING____ with Dr. Charles T. Shoemaker with Church Planting America.

I will serve as Vice-President and missionary to _PASTORS_ and Church PLANTERS__ in the Northwest and wherever God opens the doors for ministry!

We are currently raising __SUPPORT__ and seeking to _HELP_ pastors and church planters at the same time!

Please PRAY_ for us!

Prayer requests:

  • __WISDOM__ and Holy Spirit _POWER__!
  • For God to __CONNECT___ us with those that need help!
  • Traveling _SAFETY__!
  • _HEALTH__ to do the work and carry the burdens of others!
  • _FINANCIAL___ support and __RESOURCES_ to minister to struggling pastors and church planters!
  • Ministries _SALVAGED___!
  • Souls _SAVED__!