TEXT:  JOHN 8:12-30

  1. Jesus spoke truth about Himself and His mission.     John 8:12
    1. He is God’s light in this sinful world
    2. He is God’s light to help us see our own sinfulness
    3. He is God’s light to deliver people from the darkness of this world
      1. He is God’s light to give His light of life to those who trust in Him     John 1:4-5
  2. Many will choose not to believe the truth of Jesus from God     John 8:13-19
    1. Many religious lost are too deceived to believe truth.   Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6
    2. Jesus’ message from God helps us to know truth about ourselves.     Malachi 3:1;  Isaiah 40:3-5
    3. Jesus’ message is backed up by God the Father.     Matthew 3:17; 17:5
    4. Knowing Jesus enables us to truly know God.     John 1:18; 14:6-9; 17:3; Luke 10:21-22
  3. Without Jesus, we will all die in our sins.     John 8:20-24
    1. Jesus came for the purpose of delivering us from our sins
    2. Jesus came to us so that we can go to be with Him
    3. Jesus  must be believed by faith in order to deliver us from our sins
  4. Jesus knew & made known who He was & why He came.     John 8:25-30
    1. He proclaimed who He was & why He came, but most never believed.
    2. He proclaimed why He came from Heaven to earth to die on the cross
    3. He proclaimed what He said & came to do was the Will of God
    4. He proclaimed the truth of who He was & why He came; and many believed.