PM: “Building Blocks of Growth in Christ”

Text: II Peter 1:3-15

  1. The how of growing up in Christ II Peter 1: 1-4
    1.    “According as …”                                          II Peter 1:3
    2.    “As ye have therefore received…”                Titus 2:6
      1. By God’s power II Peter 1:3      “divine power”
      2. By God’s provision II Peter 1:3      “hath given unto us”
      3. By God’s presence II Peter 1:1-3 “through the knowledge of him”
      4. By God’s promises II Peter 1:4
  2. The what of growing up in Christ II Peter 1:5-7
    1. God’s plan for us goes beyond verses 1-4 II Peter 1:5
    2. God’s plan requires diligence on the part of His children II Peter 1:5
      1. >We must to give our diligence to this for it to happen
      2. >We must give all of our diligence to this not segmented
    3. God’s plan involves addition resulting in multiplication II Peter 1:6-7
  3.   The why of growing up in Christ           II Peter 1:8-11
    1. The benefits of obedience II Peter 1:10-11
    2. The consequence of disobedience II Peter 1:9
      1. Not adding these things hinders our spiritual sight            what is really present
      2. Not adding these things hinders our spiritual vision           what is really possible
      3. Not adding these things hinders our spiritual victory
  4. The assistant for obedience II Peter 1:12-15
    1. The diligent shepherd                                  II Peter 1:12
    2. The prodding shepherd                               II Peter 1:13   
    3. The faithful shepherd                                   II Peter 1:14
    4. The preparing shepherd                              II Peter 1:15
  • Action Points:
    •       Are you utilizing what God has already given you to help you grow well in Christ?
    •       Are you hindering yourself from what God can do in you and through you for His glory?
    •      What is the result are you experiencing in your life as the fruit of your spiritual life?
    •      What does God want you to change this week in your relationship with Him to experience more of His plan        for His children in your life personally?