AM: “Building up in Christ after Rooting down”

Text: Jude 17-25

Introduction: The audience addressed           Jude 17, 20       The Beloved

  •             >Believers in Jesus Christ as Saviour                       Jude 1-2
  •             >True recipients of the common Salvation   Jude 3
  •             >Not fakes, false professors, and deceivers   Jude 4-16
  •             >The true God knows the truth of us all and is the True Judge of us all
  1. A warning to be remembered     Jude 17-19
    1. This warning is to the beloved in Jesus      Jude 17a
    2. The warning is to remember God’s Word   Jude 17b
    3. The warning is to beware of deceivers         Jude 18-19
  2. A calling to fulfill                  Jude 20-23
    1. Building up yourselves in the faith      Jude 20
      1. You help yourselves grow spiritually
      2. On your most holy faith
      3. Praying in the Holy Ghost     Romans 8:26-27
    2. Keeping in the love of God  Jude 21  Titus 2:11-15  I Thessalonians 4:13-18
    3. Making a difference with compassion, with fear   Jude 22-23
  3. A God to Glorify                    Jude 24-25                          
    1. God keeps us in His family eternally      I Peter 1:3-5
    2. God keeps us righteous in His Son, Jesus Christ      Hebrews 12:2
    3. God is deserving of glory because of who He is       Jude 25                                    
  • Action Points:
  •             >Are you sure you are a true believer in Jesus Christ by faith based on His Word?
  •             >Are you heeding God’s warnings about our current age of time?
  •             >Are you fulfilling your calling if you are a child of God?
  •             >Are you bringing God glory He deserves in your life?