PM: “Being God’s Kind of Woman”

Text:  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

  • Introduction:
    • God is giving us the conclusion of the issue of life in His Word in this passage
    • God says this is what makes the whole purpose and duty of life on earth
    • God says this is important because of our accountability to God in judgment.
  1. How does God’s word describe a Godly woman?
    1. She displays God’s grace     Proverbs 11:16
      1. With graciousness, kindness, pleasantness and respectability
    2. She displays God’s glory      Proverbs 11:16
      1. By being honorable, reverent and circumspect
    3. She displays God’s virtue     Proverbs 12:4; Proverbs 31:10-31 (especially verses 10 and 30)
      1. By having personal strength to stand for right
      2. By having personal integrity to stand against what is wrong
      3. By having personal courage to do the hard things well
      4. By having personal purity to live worthy of praise
    4. She displays God’s Wisdom     Proverbs 14:1
      1. By building up those around her, not tearing them down
      2. By encouraging those around her, not discouraging them
      3. By motivating others to do well; not demotivating them
      4. By making situations around her better; not worse
      5. By strengthening the people around her; not weakening them
      6. By adding to the lives of others; not taking from them
  2. How does God’s Word describe an ungodly woman?
    1. She leads people astray from the straight and narrow life
      1. With words that allure away from God’s ways and will     Proverbs 2:16; 5:3; 6:24; 7:5
      2. With intimate embraces and sexual activity     Proverbs 5:20; 23:27
      3. With a lack of trustworthiness and reliability   Proverbs 20:16; 27:13
    2. She is sexually impure, unholy and perverted
      1. Forfeiting sacred sexuality     Proverbs 6:26
      2. Lacking understanding of the purpose of sexuality     Proverbs 6:32
      3. Dressing provocatively to draw attention     Proverbs 7:10
    3. She is foolish, not teachable, refuses to learn and stirs up trouble     Proverbs 9:13
    4. She lacks good judgment and discernment in decision making and behavior     Proverbs 11:22
    5. She is aggresive, angry and contentious; NOT peaceful or a peace-maker     Proverbs 21:9; 25:24; 27:15; 21:19
    6. She is unpleasant, repulsive, repugnant and hateful  (odious)     Proverbs 30:23
  • Conclusion:
    • We should draw people to Jesus by our actions and words
    • We should use wisdom to live God’s Way
      • Challenge:
        • Meditate and ask the Lord to show you things that you need to work on.
        • Live like a child of God!