WED: “Jehoshaphat’s Prayer in Crisis”

Text: II Chronicles 20:1-25

  1. The issues of life are real crises, but our response can make them worse     II Chronicles 20:1-5
    1. God’s people had a genuine crisis of people attacking them
    2. God’s people had not brought this crisis upon themselves
    3. God’s people responded correctly to their crisis and did not make it worse
      1. The king was afraid of his crisis, but he did not give in to his fear
      2. The king took his fear to His God to find the help he needed in his crisis
      3. The king led the people as they all prayed before the Lord
  2. Praying in a crisis requires praying truthfully    II Chronicles 20:6-11
    1. Praying truthfully about God
    2. Praying truthfully about their purpose
    3. Praying truthfully about their problem     Deuteronomy 2:9, 19
  3. The Lord blesses the right responses to the challenges of life    II Chronicles 20:12-18
    1. When His children respond to crises with faith in Him
    2. When His children are truthful about themselves, their problems and their God
    3. When His children see their God as the solution to their problem
  4. God is always the solution, but He called them to act obediently    II Chronicles 20:18-23
    1. They had to go, but God accomplished the victory
    2. True faith involves obedient actions     James 2:18, 20, 26
    3. When we act in obedient faith, God blesses in marvelous ways