PM: “Abounding Therein with Thankfulness”

Text: Colossians 2:6-7

  1. Introduction:
    • As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord
      • By Faith
      • Through the work of the Holy Spirit
      • Based on the truth of God’s Word
    • So live in Christ Jesus the Lord for God’s glory
      • Walk daily in Him
      • Rood down in Him
      • Built up in Him
      • Stablished in Him
  2. People Rooted, Built up and Stablished in Christ are growing people
    1. The conjunction “and” links these all together
    2. God wants His children growing in many things simultaneously   II Peter 1:3-11
    3. God clearly does NOT want His children to ever become stagnant    I Peter 2:2;  II Peter 3:18
      1. He always wants us giving thanks
      2. The Bible explicitly says “give thanks” 39 times
        1. Psalm 30:12; Psalm 107:1-8; Colossians 1:3; I Thessalonians 1:2; 5:18
  3. People abounding; Abounding people are thankful people
    1. God wants His children abounding therein
    2. God does not want His children settling for a mediocre life
    3. God does not want His children cheating themselves out of His Will
  4. God wants His children to be abounding in these things with Thanksgiving
    1. Being rooted with thanksgiving
    2. Building up with thanksgiving
    3. Being stablished with thanksgiving