AM: “God’s Blueprint for Spiritual Building”

Text: I Peter 2:1-12

  1. What does not build us spiritually?      I Peter 2:1
    1. Carnality in our lives does not build us spiritually
    2. Fleshliness controlling our lives does not build us spiritually
    3. Poor character being tolerated in us does not build us spiritually
  2. What does build us spiritually?             I Peter 2:2
    1. The Word of God builds us spiritually      Romans 10:17
    2. The Lord is the beginning of building us spiritually     I Peter 2:3-8
      1. The graciousness of the Lord in our lives
      2. Jesus is the most important stone of building
      3. These both are stones of stumbling to the disobedient     John 3:16-21
  3. We are an important part of our building spiritually         I Peter 2:5, 9-12
    1. In Christ we are lively stones to build a spiritual house     V. 5
    2. In Christ we are holy and royal priests to offer spiritual sacrifices  V. 5,9
    3. In Christ we are accepted to worship God in relationship with Him     V. 5
    4. In Christ we can bring God the Glory He deserves     V. 9
    5. In Christ we can experience God’s mercy and be His people    V. 10
    6. In Christ we can have victory over our flesh and Satan’s draw   V. 11
    7. In Christ we can be a testimony to the lost by doing right and glorifying God    V. 12
  • Action Points:
    • Whose blueprint for living life and building yourself in life are you following?
    • Are you purposefully utilizing God’s building materials for building your life spiritually His way?
    • What kind of evidence are you seeing in the spiritual building of your life to prove you are building according to God’s Blueprint?