AM: “There is Nothing Superior to God’s Wisdom”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 8

  1. God’s wisdom can help us live life effectively      Ecclesiastes 8:1-4
    1. True wisdom is identifiable by others     James 3:13-18
    2. Wise counsel is valuable to follow           Romans 13:1-5;  Ephesians 6:1-3
    3. It is unwise to disrespect God ordained authority             Daniel 1:8-21
  2. There are many benefits to living by God’s wisdom    Ecclesiastes 8:5-9
    1. The benefit of obedience
    2. The benefit of avoiding misery
    3. The benefit of ruling over your own hurt more often
  3. The fear of the Lord is living by God’s wisdom    Ecclesiastes 8:10-13
    1. It will help to leave a legacy not easily forgotten
    2. It will motivate us to discipline evil effectively
    3. It will enable us to enter eternity well by living life well
  4. Life is filled with things we must entrust to God    Ecclesiastes 8:14-17
    1. Life is not always fair & justice is not always served here
    2. Life is not all about pleasing our senses, but God
    3. Life is filled with things only God truly knows & controls.