AM: “The time for satisfaction is running out”

TEXT:  Isaiah 55:1-11

Introduction:  “Hey Ya’ll, Listen UP!

  1. God’s call to all of mankind is the same     Isaiah 55:1-2
    1. Find true satisfaction for your needs in the Lord
    2. Find true value for your resources in obeying the Lord
    3. Find true fulfilment in your life by living God’s way
  2. God’s invitation is the same for everyone    Isaiah 55:3-5
    1. The invitation to come to His presence
    2. The invitation to listen to His message
    3. The invitation to live in covenant relationship with Him
    4. The invitation to be a witness of Him to others
  3. God’s stated plan is the same for all of mankind    Isaiah 55:6-11
    1. To benefit from God’s goodness while you can
    2. To turn from your sinfulness to the Lord while you can
    3. To respond to God’s offer of truth & grace while you can
    4. To realize God’s Word works just like all other truths of God