AM: “The Reality of Jesus’ Love for His Followers”

Text: John 21:1-14

  1. Jesus manifested His love in completing His mission
    1. He left heaven     John 17:5-6, 24; I John 4:9
    2. He lived on earth in human form without sin     I Timothy 3:16;  I John 1:2
    3. He let Himself be crucified so that He could rise from the dead     Romans 3:21;  I John 3:5-8
  2. Jesus confirms His love in manifesting Himself to His followers     John 21:14
    1. First to Mary Magdalene in the garden near the tomb     Mark 16:9-11
    2. Then to Cleopas and another disciple on the road to Emmaus later the same day     Luke 24:13-36
    3. Then to all of the disciples except Thomas later that same day in the evening     John 20:19-25
    4. Then to all of the disciples including Thomas the following Sunday     John 20:26-29
    5. Here He is manifesting Himself to the disciples again in Galilee     John 21:14
    6. According to Paul, over five hundred of Jesus’ followers saw Him after His resurrection     I Corinthians 15:1-7
  3. Jesus affirmed His love in confronting their disobedience
    1. The power of persuasion     John 21:3
    2. The priority of obedience     John 21:4-5
      1. Jesus had already given His mission to them     Luke 5:8-11
      2. Jesus was still walking on the earth and teaching truth
      3. Jesus did not rebuke them, but He did exhort them (after He confronted them)     John 21:5; 15:5
    3. The provision of Jesus’ love     John 21:6-13
      1. Jesus provided fish for them, because of His love for them
      2. Jesus provided that their net remained whole, because of His love for them
      3. Jesus provided a meal for them, because of His love for them.